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Trebbi Wows Warsaw

Trebbi Wows Warsaw

Duncan Sissons, Monaghans and Trebbi’s International Head of Healthcare, and Healthcare Associate Liz Smith, have recently returned from Poland where they delivered an Emergency Healthcare Seminar at the British Embassy in Warsaw.

Duncan and Liz teamed up with long-time colleague Jon Huddy, President of Huddy Healthcare Solutions, and were accompanied by Trebbi Polska Director Chris Lowe and Administrative and Communications Manager Magdalena Tekiel.

The event was hosted at the British Embassy, Warsaw with an official welcome by Acting Director Ewa Veenendaal-Rawicz. The team were invited to introduce the Trebbi Healthcare offering in Poland and demonstrate how our international expertise and experience, particularly in Emergency Department Care, could help the Polish healthcare system in the future.

With speakers from the USA and the UK and even a video with a Dutch voiceover, the translators were working hard to ensure that everything was provided to the predominantly Polish audience in the correct language. We thank the translators, and our hosts at the British Embassy, for their efforts which proved worthwhile as the seminar was well attended with representation from private and public hospitals and a wide range of consultants and designers.

The successful event was immediately followed up with members of the team visiting a number of facilities where new contacts were keen to show them around and discuss the current issues they are facing. Further meetings are scheduled and the team are now looking forward to working with new clients in Poland on projects to develop and reconfigure their services including emergency care, ambulatory care and masterplanning.

We are looking forward to delivering more seminars in Poland and other international locations in the future. For more information on Trebbi’s healthcare expertise and how we can help with the challenges you face in the UK or internationally please contact Duncan Sissons (, or for Polish enquiries, Magdalena Tekiel (