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CDM 2015

CDM 2015

The CDM 2015 consultation process was concluded in March 2014 and the recommendations and impact assessment (IA) were presented to the HSE Board meeting in August 2014 with the recommendation to implement the changes. HSE Guidance is due to be issued in January 2015 and although there is still some uncertainty, it is clear that clients, designers and contractors will have more duties and the new role of Principal Designer (PD) will replace the CDMC Role. 

At Monaghans we are training our teams to undertake the PD role and offering training to our clients and contacts to highlight the expected changes to the duty holder’s duties including client, designer and contractor. One crucial change is that the thresholds for CDM compliance and notification have been lowered to capture more construction projects with the result that more projects will require Construction Phase Plans.

Monaghans latest CDM 2015 Consultation Update is now available
(click here to download pdf) and is aimed at highlighting the new changes including the concessions introduced during the consultation which importantly included 6 month transitional provisions. There is still some uncertainty over the detail and there is also the 2015 General Election but some practical issues that have been raised already include:

  • Will all of the former CDMC duties be passed to the PD?
  • What happens if there is no clear designer, who is best placed to carry out the PD role?
  • What happens with novated design & build? Under CDM 2007 typically CDMCs were retained post contract as one of the client retained team members and not novated. Who will be the PD for post contract design?

Ultimately the aim of the regulations is simplification and removing bureaucracy. When the HSE guidance is issued in January 2015, Monaghans will be on hand to provide additional guidance and updates to fully explain the changes and we will see if the HSE’s clear objectives have been achieved.

Monaghans latest CDM 2015 Consultation Update (click here to download pdf) provides a brief overview of the original consultation proposals, the latest changes to the consultation, and the forthcoming transitional provisions. If you would like any more in-depth advice please do get in touch and we would be happy to advise you according to your specific concerns and requirements.

For further information and advice please contact:
Alan Nock   T: 0114 249 2000   E: