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The benefits of buying local

The benefits of buying local

Monaghans Regional Director Tan Khan recently joined a selection of key business people from the Sheffield City Region to take part in a round table debate on the benefits of buying local. Although Monaghans and the Trebbi Family often work on a National and International basis we always try to do so from local offices and with local partners to ensure that we take into account local requirements, culture and sensitivity for each project and client.

Selected quotes from the debate are available below but to read more please click the following link for a pdf of the full article in the Sheffield Star Business Weekly

Steve Lunn (Arthur J Gallagher): ‘I used to do a lot of work in Newcastle. When I started talking with a Yorkshire accent they looked at me gone out. It definitely disturbed them that I wasn’t a Geordie. I think we would have a much healthier business community if we worked like that…’

Tan Khan (Monaghans): ‘Most of our business is national or international, but we have tried to maintain contact with our local community. Leadership needs to come from Sheffield City Council. They do have initiatives which give the impression that they are supporting ‘buy local’ but when it comes to prestigious projects like the retail quarter and The Crucible it was felt they should have a big name. The big boys have the ability to go for big bids, they are very good at the front end but delivery is from a small office with three or four people in it – we have nearly 100 staff in Sheffield. You have to be competent but there should be some kind of weighting towards local companies.’

Keith Williams (UK Steel Enterprise): ‘I think there are some clear benefits for the recycling of money locally and also perhaps creating some new jobs. There are a lot of very good business networks but if we can get companies in general to think more about it everyone could benefit more.’