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A clean bill of health

A clean bill of health

Monaghans’ latest quality management assessment from BSI (the UK's National Standards Body) took place on Wednesday 21st August and resulted in a clean bill of health for Monaghans as we maintained our certification to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard.

ISO 9001:2008 is internationally recognised as a leading quality management standard and operating in line with its principles ensures the quality of the service we deliver to our clients. There were no nonconformities from our previous assessments and we are pleased to report that after another thorough check-up the latest BSI assessment report once again found no nonconformities within our quality management system:

‘the continuing effectiveness of [Monaghans’] quality management system was confirmed’

At Monaghans we have a continuing commitment to delivering a consistently high quality service to all of our clients and BSI specifically noted our commitment to the satisfaction of each of our individual clients. When looking at our service delivery across a range of services for different clients the independent auditor consistently found that:

‘[Monaghans were able to] demonstrate effective delivery of services’

If you would like to explore how Monaghans’ consistently high quality building consultancy services could add value to your business, please do get in touch, we would be happy to discuss your individual requirements and share our professional expertise.